Best Cocktails on Earth

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  1. Perfect i'm vegan too, and i want to introduce some vegan alternativ with my cocktail ( pina colada as exemple)! Can't wait to taste it!
    And thank you for all your advice by the way! 😀

  2. Aquafaba, the cooking water from chickpeas, works wonders but the problem is availability. Hoppefully in the near future we'll have it for sale in a regular supermarket.
    I'm starting my own vegan bar and thanks to you I became a much better bartender. Thanks a lot Vlad!

  3. That's a very interesting product, would love to read more about and will do some research thanks to you!
    Same thing can be done with aqua faba as a substitute:)

  4. At our restaurants we just replaced the egg white with orange juice! There is no foam and it tastes a bit sweeter, but we had so many problems with eggs, starting with complaints from customers who didn't knew that egg white should be in a "real" whisky sour (and it happens far more often than you would expect!) to the food inspection (in germany) complaining about storing eggs at the bar. So overall we still serve it with egg white but only if the customer wants to.

    Sorry for the long text, great video as always!

  5. Anyone else noticed the similarity with the scenario used by @cocktailchemistry in his videos? Vlad what are you up to ? 🤔

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