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Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. Today I wanted to come on and do this spring
makeup tutorial and I wanted it to be glam but still very wearable. If you haven’t already definitely subscribe
so that you don’t miss any future uploads from me and I hope you guys will enjoy this
video. So for foundation I’m using Makeup Forever
Ultra HD foundation. Here’s a tip for you if you use a Beauty Blender
you want to apply the foundation with a brush first and then use your Beauty Blender to
blend it into the skin. Because if you go straight with your Beauty
Blender oftentimes you will just be wasting product. So brush it all over your face first and then
you take your Beauty Blender and start to blend it out. I’m just taking some powder to set that area
in the eye just so blending is a lot easier. By the way this is peanut butter from the
chocolate bar semi-sweet palette. I’m gonna do a whole series on staying positive. I have a couple videos and the works for that. I know a couple of you have reached out wanting
to hear more on that topic. So I’ve got you. This is cherry cordial and we are going to
pat that in an inner corner of our eye. I’m gonna do a spotlight eye today. It gets better I think that’s 1 of life’s
greatest lies is that it doesn’t get better and just quit now because it’s always going
to be like this. It is not always going to be however, no matter
what you find yourself in. Nothing in life is permanent and you need
to remember that. I remember I got teased everyday relentlessly
in middle school especially. But I still got made fun of in high school,
that was more by stupid boys in my grade and I didn’t really care about that. But in middle school I got teased so much
and people are always like who teased you who said that about you? I’m not even kidding, the glow up is so real,
the glow up is so real. The thing is people underestimate the power
of what you say, what you say to people is so important. You should not underestimate the power of
what you say to people which is why I’m a strong believer in not just positivity but
also just watching what you say. I’m gonna start rolling out these videos because
I think it’s important. I just want you guys to be encouraged. So that was cherry cordial. Build that up because that’s gonna give the
eye depth and definition. Now I’m gonna go right back in with milk chocolate. That was the first color we laid in the crease
before peanut butter and I’m going to blend that out, just blend out those arch lines,
get rid of them. I’m gonna go in with creme brulee from the
Too Faced chocolate bar palette. So you want to make sure that the color is
right above your pupil and look straight ahead into the mirror to get it right. Then I’m gonna go back in with cherry cordial
and strengthen the outer corner and inner corner. You don’t need to add more color, just blend
out the harsh lines. I’m gonna do my concealer I’m gonna use
LA Girl today just a little because this is very light. For the rest of the face I’m going to use
Maybelline concealer in café. I take that excess on my chin and then just
blend out the top. I’m using my NARS eita brush. I love these 2 together for my contour, it’s
so much easier to get a consistently good contour now. Look at that! I’m gonna go in with cherry cordial and I’m
going to go on the lower lash line and just smoke that out. Then taking this teeny tiny fluffy blending
brush I’m just gonna blend that out. I’m gonna take my inner corner shader brush,
I’m just going to wet it a little bit and then take creme brulee on the lower lash line
to give a spotlight down there as well. And you want to keep it under where you place
the spotlight on your lid. So now for mascara be very careful cause you
really don’t want to mess anything up. I’m gonna use this Mavi one right here, just
a little. So we’re taking Opal and this is how you bring
the dew back when you have oily skin and you need to use matte foundation. This is how you bring that dew back girl. For lashes you already know what time it is,
I’m using my stack to cherish look whiskeys. You guys already know. I’m gonna use never by NYX for my lip liner. I’m gonna try soft spoken by NYX on my lips
and then on top of that I’m gonna go in with Sam storm by NYX because I don’t want it to
be so mauve, I want it to be a little bit more neutral. Take out my hair. Alright guys so that’s it for the finished
look. I hope you guys enjoyed definitely let me
know what you think down in the comments. Check out the description for everything I
use as well as my social media. Come say hi to me on Instagram and Twitter,
I would love to hear from you all. I love checking your messages and your comments
and just hearing from all of you. If you haven’t already definitely subscribe
and don’t forget to thumbs up if you like videos like this. I hope you guys did enjoy and I love you so
much I can’t wait to see you in my next video. Bye!

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  1. Very pretty and flirty I really didn't know how to use that foundation but u helped a lot imma try the brush then beauty blender thanks boo💋

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