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The Myth of Voter Suppression

The Myth of Voter Suppression

Do Republicans win elections by preventing
minorities—blacks, Latinos, and others— from voting? For those on the left and their allies in
the major media, the answer is yes; even more than that, it’s an article of faith. The usual example they offer is state laws,
often passed by Republican-majority legislatures, requiring voters to present a photo ID at
their polling place—something required in almost every other democracy in the world. According
to the left, voter ID depresses minority turnout and is therefore a blatant form of racial
discrimination. But there’s a problem with this accusation:
there’s no evidence to support it. Minorities are voting in greater numbers and at higher
percentages than ever before. The facts and figures are there for anyone to see. Still,
progressives and most of the political press don’t seem to have noticed. Or maybe they
just don’t want to look. At a 2019 NAACP dinner in Detroit, California
Senator Kamala Harris told the audience that “voter suppression” in Georgia and Florida
cost Democrats gubernatorial races in the 2018 midterm elections. “Let’s say this
loud and clear,” said Ms. Harris. “Without voter suppression, Stacey Abrams would be
the governor of Georgia. Andrew Gillum is the governor of Florida.” A few days earlier, Ms. Abrams herself, apparently
still bitter over her defeat, made a similar claim. “We had an architect of voter suppression
that spent the last eight years knitting together a system of voter suppression that is unparalleled
in America,” said Ms. Abrams in reference to her Republican opponent, a former Georgia
secretary of state. But if minorities are harmed by mandating
voter ID and other anti-fraud measures such as removing inactive voters from registration
rolls, why does the evidence all point to the opposite conclusion? A recent Census Bureau report found that voter
turnout in 2018 climbed 11 percentage points from the last midterm election in 2014, surpassing
50% for the first time since 1982. Moreover, the increased turnout was largely driven by
the same minority voters Democrats claim are being disenfranchised. Black turnout grew
around 27%, and Hispanic turnout increased about 50%. None of this comes as news to anyone who pays
attention to sober facts instead of inflammatory rhetoric. The black voter turnout rate for
the most part has grown steadily since the 1990s. This has occurred notwithstanding
an increase in state voter-ID requirements over the same period. In 2012, blacks voted
at higher rates than whites nationwide, including in Georgia, which was one of the first states
in the country to implement a photo-ID requirement for voting. Ms. Abrams claims that Republicans have been
hard at work trying to disenfranchise black voters, but the reality is that black voter
registration is outpacing white registration in the Peach State. These gains are not limited to blacks. Voting
has been up substantially in all minority groups. An analysis of the census data published by Pew Research Center found that “all major
racial and ethnic groups saw historic jumps in voter turnout” in 2018. Political scientist Taeku Lee confirmed this
in an op-ed for the New York Times in which he highlights impressive voting rates for
minority women: “The 2018 election set new benchmarks for turnout in a midterm election,
with a whopping 30 million more people voting than in 2014. For women of color, the increased
turnout was even more stark, at 37 percent.” As to the issue of ensuring the accuracy and
integrity of U.S. elections, minority voters appear to be as concerned as everyone else. Ms.
Harris and Ms. Abrams may feel that requiring an ID for banking, flying, or buying cold
medicine should not apply to voting, but most people don’t seem to have that problem. In a 2016 Gallup poll, voter-ID laws were
supported by 4 in 5 respondents, including 95% of Republicans, 63% of Democrats, 81%
of whites and 77% of nonwhites. So if there is no serious opposition to voter
ID laws and no evidence of voter suppression; if, in fact, more people of different races
and ethnicities are voting at higher rates than ever before, why won’t this voter suppression
myth die? The answer is at once surprising and obvious:
One party simply can’t accept that they will lose a close election. If a Republican
wins one of those, there has to be a nefarious reason. Voter suppression is as good as any—even
if it has no basis in fact. Ms. Abrams lost, by the way, by over 50,000 votes. Elections are decided by the state of the
economy, foreign policy issues, candidate personalities and a host of other factors. The
non-existent problem of voter suppression is not one of them. I’m Jason Riley, senior fellow at the Manhattan
Institute, for Prager University.

Reader Comments

  1. I had an argument with a friend of mine about this, and he was like Poor people don't have time or the money to get an ID…. What a bunch of crap.

  2. Thank you PragerU for getting such well spoken, accomplished and credible people for these videos. I have added so many more books to my library written by the people presenting in these videos.

    One of those being Jason Riley. Two of his books, False Black Power and Please Stop Helping Us, have really given me a bigger perspective as a young black male.

  3. Our challenge with ELECTION FRAUD is not voter suppression — not even close — rather, it's voting "CHAIN of CUSTODY". IOW, the CERTIFIABLITY of "cradle to grave" handling of [1] voter registration, [2] physical voting and [3] vote-counting; where such is especially challenging with our current MASSIVE absentee and early voting population and ELECTRONIC [read: hackable] voting machines. See also the number of States which DO NOT COMPLY with FEDERAL Voter Rights Acts.

  4. How many of these "disenfranchised minorities" are going to the liquor store? Last time I was there, they required you to show ID.

  5. The truest form of voter suppression in America is currently censorship of Conservative voices, and it is a very dangerous practice indeed. Great video. Thank you for sharing…truth.

  6. 1:16, uh, The problem we had in Florida is that the last district (to turn their votes in) had MORE votes than voters. If Democrats had their way, that would have been "Voter Suppression."

  7. I am an immigrant green card holder since 1993-1997 I cannot vote. Before I came in the US somehow I've read that only "US Citizen" can vote I agree. I am a US Citizen since 1998 I am happy to vote within reason as I am now a US Citizen and that's a privilege for becoming US Citizen. I don't understand why people who governed US don't know or play ignorance when they're not, that only US Citizen can vote.

  8. The Left's idea of "voter suppression" is that there are outlets, like PragerU, that give voters the facts, instead of being brainwashed by their lies.

  9. Stop trying to confuse us with facts/data. I don't believe you and have no interest in investigating what I already have incorporated into my biased certitude.

  10. So black people is too dumb that cannot get an ID?
    If I were black I would be HIGHLY OFFENDED with DEMOKRATS for thinking that!

  11. Harris a real lying shit bag and voting in CA is totally fraudulent it is fixed by the lib Dems mostly illegals and dead people are voting, only citizens must vote all others should go to jail.

  12. I like prager U when it telling the stupidility or hyporcracy of the left, i dislike it when it ignore the same stupidility or hyporcracy of the right.

  13. I just voted in the Canadian federal election, and had to show ID twice, before I was handed a ballot.

    I don't understand how you could keep people that are not citizens from voting, or from voting multiple times, if there is no ID required.
    Seems kind of hinky to me….

  14. They hate voter ID laws because it hinders the main way dems have been elected for years by getting the vote out of the graveyards and morgues. Hell, there was a precinct in Florida in obamas last election that had a documented %167 voter turn out but nothing was ever done and the votes allowed to stand.

  15. Whatever the left, progressives, and democrats tell you what is happening, guarantee yourself that the opposite will be true.

  16. Real voter suppression is what we have in CA. Can't register at the polls. If you didn't register on time you can't vote even though you're an adult American citizen. Having moved here from somewhere where I could register right at the polling booth, I found that to be the real suppression.

  17. Then why did the republicans close voter id offices in black and hispanic areas. Why did they ban early voting? Why did they ban sunday voting? Why are gun license allowed as voter id and not college id. Why did republicans ban voting for ex felons? Even for minor crimes? And why did the supreme court conservatives judges removed the 1964 voting law? All this happened after obama won 2012. You think that is any coincidence? Think again. Minority america put a black man at the white house and the conservatives's ego could handle that.
    The conservatives is insulting the freedom they always talk about.

  18. It is absolutely insane to me that the US lets people vote without ID. Or atleast that democrats want it that way. In the Netherlands every citizen over the age of 18 gets a voting pass mailed to their home adres and with that and a valid ID you can vote. When you go vote the official takes the pass, checks your ID and if they both check out they give you the ballot. We have a medium turnout of around 75% too! If they removed that law here I wouldn't trust any election after it.

  19. Democrats: If I don’t win it’s because of voter suppression! 🤔. So it has nothing to do with you idiots just losing, Because people didn’t want you…. I live in Florida and no one wanted Andrew Gilliam, as he was being investigated for corruption and is a flaming socialist that’s why he lost.

  20. The charge of the Democrats to say that voter suppression is happening by merely needing an ID to vote, which everyone has and need for everything else should be an insult to black and Hispanics, because they’re telling us that we’re too stupid and incapable of having or getting an ID.

  21. Modern Voter suppression is a myth.

    In the past, the Democrats used the KKK as a paramilitary arm to literally suppress minorities from voting.

  22. Minority turnout has been increasing over time, but leftists do not claim that voter suppression and disenfranchisement has been increasing, only that it exists. Just looking at the timeline here makes it clear that Republican voter suppression laws have not been increasing voter turnout. Also, the major problem that leftists had with the 2018 Georgian gubernatorial election was not the laws that existed, but the way they were enforced by Brian Kemp, the secretary of state, who was running in the election as a Republican. In a result that surprised nobody, he won. This entire video is a rebuttal of claims that are rarely made.

  23. Total BS. People have IDs. If someone thinks black people, or POC, don't…then that is really racist and sad and pathetic and stupid.

  24. The whole notion seems rather arrogant to me. The implication is "since republicans can only win elections by suppressing votes, which they are by requiring ID, then clearly, without such policies, democrats would and should win every election."

    Its just a backwards, round about way of trying to convince people that the government, ie democrats, should have still more and more political and legislative power.

    Not to mention that its racist to suggest that a "minority" non white citizen would have a harder time getting ID for themselves because reasons.

  25. I think it's your responsibility to get out and vote. I wouldn't be surprised if Democrats pushed for a phone app soon. I'm all for destroying this two party system.

  26. Most states controlled by republican legislatures only accept legal photo ids. IE, driver's licenses and passports. How many poor income people do you know that go out to get their driver's license without a car? Or a passport that often takes several months of background checks and you have to reapply for them every ten years. Ten years is a plenty long time, but not if you forget to reapply, and unlike driver's licenses, theres no waver program. You must reapply or no passport, and even then you still wait several months.
    Also, don't use national number increases to say that state by state law has no effect. That's completely arbitrary, give some actual state numbers of minority or other statistical turnout, not national. Increased turnout overall is mainly do to reactionary voting to Trump, and the actual legality of it since the 1960s voting rights bills. You can't claim that discounts state by state law.
    If you want an actual voter ID law. Make a national law that gives every US citizen over 18 a US government issued ID, just like all those other nations. No more relying on passports and driver's licenses. You get an ID at 18. But republicans have consistently shot down such bills out of government overreach fears. Republicans do not want a true voter ID law, they just want the ones that lets them keep out the poor and busy from voting.

  27. It's not a party based problem. The whole system is rigged. How else out of 500 million people do we have to decide between either Hillary or Trump. There is no such thing as left or right, it's just elites that divide and conquer.

  28. To be completely honest if you don’t know who or what your Voting for I don’t want you to vote mainly because your just being used

  29. Unable to follow simple law is not Voter Suppression. Also is not for black suppression, its for illiterate Latinos or Hispanic who can't speak English.

  30. It is known that thousands of voters were wrongly purged from Florida voter rolls in the 2000 presidential election. Enough to swing the state – and thus the whole election – in Bush's favour. And who was the governor of Florida at the time, I hear you ask? Jeb Bush.
    PragerU is choosing not to address /real/ cases of voter turnout.

  31. Voter identification has to be required in all elections. We need to stop this leftist democrat corruption. You want to vote then show your ID.
    Next we need to stop dead people from voting and ballot box stuffing.

  32. Want to know a bigger more widespread myth that refuses to die?
    The United States is a democracy, yup that is a myth the United States in its finding documents clearly states that it is a Republic, the founding fathers didn't want a Democracy so instead they created a constitutional representative republic and enshrined this fact in all of the original laws and structures of the country and how it functions.


    Logic: so……Let’s just get rid of requirements because you’re too lazy to get the requirements met….

  34. Stacy Abrams claims voter suppression because her opponent followed the law and cleared the voter list of anyone who had not voted in the past few years (I don't recall exactly how many). So we are already talking about people who are unlikely to vote, but if they wanted to, all they had to do was register. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a single report of someone who went to the polls trying to vote that was turned away because of this expunging of the voter list.

    It is entirely possible that expunging the voter list did cost Abrams the election, but if so, it was only because she was unable to use the voter list to create fake votes in her favor for people who have died, moved out of state, or simply chose not to vote.

  35. Following the acusation's logic, Colombia is highly discriminatory, as we need our official citizenship ID to vote both in and out of the country.

  36. Democrats are the ones with a long history of voter fraud, such as more people voting in a democrat district than actually live in that district. Busing voters from minority neighborhoods to vote Democrat, ect.. They know that they cheat and can't stand the fact that even if the cheat they can't win an election.

  37. It's amazing, the dirty tactics used. Their behavior really smells organised or even cultish. The struggle for power these days is a tug-of-war: on one side striving for evidence, reason, clarity and truth and the other side dirty tactics, militant psychological trickery and mob deception/propaganda. I hope that the former will prevail.

  38. But you need an ID to drink, smoke, rent a car, gamble, see an R rated movie, etc. and NOBODY on the Left claims racism.

  39. Once illegals are allowed to have drivers licenses this problem will fall away because those people will be registered to vote regardless of their citizenship status.

  40. I like how leftist "voter suppression" is article of faith! Purely blind followers of Islam! LOL!
    Evidence how leftists embrace pedophile and racist profit ideology!

  41. It's a ludicrous Leftist assertion! They know they are lying and being deceptive, but that's how Leftist leadership shapes the beliefs of their deceived followers.

  42. The only thing I want if we enact voter ID laws, which I am for strong voter identification, is that the state provide a no-cost hassle-free way to identify yourself at a poll place if you do not have any other options. This is easy. Mail a piece of paper to each person and say if you come with no ID and you don't come with this paper, you can't prove who you are and won't be able to vote. Do this thing and you have my support 100% of the time. People need a way to vote who have absolutely nothing to their names and certain measures do systematically exclude those not well off. It's not about race, it's about access to housing, money, it's about class, it just so happens that class correlates with other things.

  43. I'm from Singapore. I subscribed to this channel to be amused by just how crazy the political system is in US. Much obliged to the democratic party.
    I am not disappointed.
    – from a Rich but Not Crazy Asian

  44. Voter ID Laws are like Lifelock for your vote. Also, you can't do anything today without an ID, the left is showing their racist beliefs in thinking that only the black community is being suppressed because they can't get an ID to vote. If ANYONE, regardless of race, creed or color, can legitimately not afford or has problems getting an ID to vote or to do any other action requiring an ID, I'm sure there are plenty of private organizations that can assist that individual in obtaining one. But that wouldn't help their narrative.

  45. Thank you, Mr. Riley for acknowledging that life in America requires a valid ID almost everywhere you go and not just at the polling place. Life without a valid ID is almost impossible in America except for those who violate our other laws and choose to live outside our society of laws. Also a non-driver ID is available in most (if not all) states for just a nominal charge.

  46. I'm still waiting for the Democrats and the Liberals to provide one single name of an American who was denied and ID in order to vote.

  47. You even need an ID to take a test in college. Why? To prevent people from hiring proxies to take their tests for them. And that's just for a test, which, while important, is less crucial that the election of our representative government.

  48. Unfortunately, this video, among other PragerU videos, is probably going to get PragerU kicked off of YouTube after December 10th as Susan Wocziski prepares The Big Purge of every channel right of Hussein Obama & Hillary Clinton.

  49. People coming out of jail tend to vote democrat, republicans ban people from voting if they have a criminal record. IT'S OBVIOUS republican suppress democrat votes!

  50. The Left simply want to keep the doors of voter fraud wide open. Don't give them the credit of just "believing in dumb ideas." They are much more malevolent than that.

  51. They pretty much think that blacks are too poor or ignorant to get or have an I.D. The Democratic party is literally a pity party.

  52. Call it what it is, the Democrats just don't want to take the responsibility for losing an election. it's always someone else's fault.
    And two they no they can't get in there unless they have illegal votes, or a stuffed Ballot Box.

  53. "…no evidence to support it". That says it all about the Dopeycrats. As Ronald Reagan once said: "Democrats believe very strongly in things that simply aren't so." Nothing has changed, has it?

  54. The technique of lying and deception hasn’t changed much since the Serpent’s myth of God’s human rights suppression in the Garden of Eden, Has it?

  55. Every other democracy on the planet requires ID, even in the poorest of nations. Only america thinks its racist…intresting

  56. Erroneously throwing out registration forms should have been illegal; the IRS wouldn't do the same.
    In Georgia, the person running the voting bureaucracy should never have been allowed to run for office; Conflict of Interests. On a side note, there is something strange about his and the last governor's behaviors. They should be mandated to release their tax returns. Using the office to exchange favors to eliminate substantial personal debts is cronyism.
    > Increased minority turnout statistic is a red herring. If the office is throwing out registrations, this should be enough to warrant a proper investigation regardless of the quantity of people voting or not.
    > (notice this is the 1st I'm mentioning ID)Reframing this as only ID laws strawmans valid evidence of voter suppression. In fact, ID laws help to protect minority voters. In light of the very likely attempts at suppression from the secretary of state, circumventing the middleman registration office and simply showing up with an ID was the best protection against suppression—they will have to hand over the physical security measure which allows your vote to get sent straight to the servers. (whether they would edit data in the server is another story) They will give you a state or federal ID because they don't care if you drive or take a flight; there's a political incentive not to give a voting ID.


  57. The Democrats do not want voter ID laws because the only way they can win is the illegal vote and by having people voting as dead people. Their massive stuffing of ballot boxes won't do it alone. The recount in Michigan called for by Stein proved that. There were more ballots than registered voters and when they found that out is when the recount stopped and the Democrats and Legacy Media started claiming there was nothing to see there.

  58. Democrats work to divide us by “identities” that they claim other divide us by. However, the entire concept is created and driven by the left, looking for ways to make us victims so they can come in with policies that make them look like heroes. In fact, the more they try to divide us by identities, the more people wake up to how foolish it’s all become. Don’t give them your money, don’t give them your votes until they come back a little closer to center. Moderate liberals like Tulsi Gabbard are the one who will drive them forward and look how they treat her! Be careful how they promise you everything and say the rich will pay for it. There are not enough rich people and it will destroy private investment and industry.

  59. Although voter suppression is a myth, I don’t think gerrymandering is. Both parties redraw county boundaries to gain an advantage

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