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People Try The Wine Version Of 4 Loko

People Try The Wine Version Of 4 Loko

(whistling) – I saw this all over Twitter and saw that it was sold out everywhere. – I don’t drink because I don’t
like the taste of alcohol, I don’t like the feeling being drunk, and I’m horrified of throwing up. – I drank a lost last night forgetting that I was also
gonna drink this morning. – Who doesn’t like alcohol? – I mean, I… I recently got turned on to alcohol. – I saw on the Buzzfeed post
that everybody was like, ‘this one got me fucked up.’ ‘I lost my life, I
threw up for five days.’ – Everyone’s like, ‘but
it’s only 13.9% alcohol.’ So, how does that (bleep) you up? – People are saying that it’s like… Like a Four Loko comparison. – You ever tried Four… – No.
– No. Did you ever hear of Four…
– Sure. Yeah, it’s an energy drink. (laughing) – Four Loko’s gross. It’s very disgusting, like you know you’re drinking gasoline, but if this tastes good, then we’re getting into
some scary territory. – This smells like sangria, like a nice brunch I had last weekend. – Whoa, that like… Hit me.
– Also smells like college. – Oh, it’s dark.
– Yeah. – It’s thick. – It is, it’s like a syrup. – Alright, cheers. – Cheers. – Cheers. Here we go. – [Both] Cheers. – Cheers, cheers. – Hm, I’m gonna try it again. (laughing) – I barely taste the alcohol in it. – It’s still sweet, it’s still good. It’s way better than Four Loko. – Yeah, this is the kinda thing that’ll sneak up on you later.
– Oh, yeah. – It’s reminiscent of childhood. Not the alcohol, but it
tastes like fruit punch. It tastes like fruit punch. – I definitely feel this already. – [Man] Whoa. – I do feel the heat. I feel… I feel hot. – I think maybe there’s
a little bit of a wine. – I can already feel the buzz happening. – Really? Oh, no.
– I can already feel it coming – I feel like they put in extra
citrus to hide their secret. – The more I drink it, the
more the alcohol comes out, and I don’t know if it’s
all at the bottom right now. – Are we supposed to shake it? Does it say you shake it? – Shake it, shake, shake it.
– Shake it, shake it. – Now I feel it. – Do you feel the hotness? – Mhm. – I actually want to
take more sips of this, and that’s saying a lot.
– Oh, I just keep going. – Right. – This is how you get
people into drinking. – This is a great gateway drink. – This is a gateway alcohol. – The packaging is beautiful. – It is very cute. – It’s, I mean, it actually
kind of matches my ensemble. – It does! Can we just… – I have a pretty high tolerance. – You have a high tolerance. – But I’m… I’ve got a little buzz. I’m feeling light.
– A little buzz, which I think is saying something from just drinking a couple
half glasses of sangria. – I’m a lightweight, kind of. I had one beer last night
and I was like, ‘woo!’ (laughing) – Are you feeling it? – Not yet. – As somebody that hates alcohol, it’s actually definitely
not the worst alcohol I’ve ever tasted. – I can tell I’m getting a little buzzed because I started to play
invisible piano keys. – I feel nothing, and
this is my second glass. Maybe it’ll catch up to me in 15 minutes. – I’m feeling it. – If you were to pregame
a night out, like quick, not expensive, meaning one
bottle is all you need. – It’ll do the job and it’ll do it quick. – Exactly.
– Right. – You should probably slow down. – Wait, can we pause and act like we’re fancy wine connoisseurs in Napa. – Yeah. (classical music) – My palate is dancing. I have a dancing palate. – It reminds me of childhood on the rivers of a country I cannot name. – Mm, yes. – I think this is just really showing that we are getting more
tipsy as we drink this. – I think so.
– Yeah. – This is really hitting me right now. This is the weird thing is it’s
really hitting me right now. This isn’t fake. I am actually ready now. I don’t know what the
(bleep) just happened. – This is better than Four Loko. This is the classier Four Loko ’cause Four Lokos were
a thing in high school where we were like, ‘oh, we bad.’ (laughing) – And now we’ve upgraded. – Now we’ve upgraded. – I didn’t tell my boss I was doing this. – I feel like if I drank a bottle of this, I would instantly shit my pants and cry. – Oh my God, college students, do not drink a bottle of this. I just have a very bad gut
feeling, but don’t do it. – Don’t drink the bottle, you’ll die. That’s written on the back here. – Honestly, it’s right here. What is it, attorney general. – Yeah, I’m gonna stop ’cause
I can feel that comin’ on now. I lied. – You can feel it comin’ on?
– Yeah, I lied. – That’s not bad. Six to 10 dollars? – I spend that on lunch.
– Yes. – Wow. – Oh, see, this is great. – I’m tipsy, I’m not gonna lie. – I think 13.9% alcohol’s accurate. – With ice.
– With ice. (laughing) – I can see how somebody would
get fucked up off of this. – This was fun. I suspected I wasn’t gonna get anything else productive done today,
and I feel like that is true. – I kinda feel like I could get some productive stuff done today. – I’m glad I got to try it. – I’m glad I got to try it too. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And I will take the rest of it. – Alright, well anyways, cheers. I like it. It’s good, but be safe. – You really finished that. I’m scared for you, you skinny man. (Italian music)

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  1. So me and my friend just tried it and we are gone after sips. I have a high tolerance too. So y’all don’t do it.

  2. I drink this ALLLLL THE TIME I get them from World Market…the big bottle is 8.99 and the small bottle is 3.99…… if you buy it get the small bottle (I can barely finish a small) the big one takes longer to feel lol and it’s 13.9% in the small as well sooooooooo good luck (hunger games whistle)

  3. Last time I drank 4 Loko I only remember I was drinking it, then I was in my car, then I was in my car with a bunch of dudes going to get cigarettes (I don't even smoke), I was laughing in the gas station, I was in the wrong condominium, waking up 🤐

  4. Buzzfeed: please do a challenge: "Trying not to use the word "like" for a whole day"! Especially the genuinely amazing girls from "ladylike", although it's not just them. I love your videos but they are sometimes hard to watch because everyone says "like" way too often…! No hate, genuinely love all the people in your videos 🙂 xxx

  5. Is this the new generation of buzzfeed? What happend to everyone i feel like I haven’t watched buzzfeed in like 5 years

  6. It cracks me up that they are trying to have an intellectual commentary about the wine but they are getting drunker by the minute

  7. Lol when ur mom comes to visit u in college and she finds an empty bottle :30 " I recently got turned on to alcohol "

  8. i tried this on Christmas Eve and couldn’t even take more than 2 sips. it gave me such a bad headache and it just didn’t have that great of a flavor.
    but I’m also a lightweight so maybe it’s different for other people?

  9. Realized I'm older than all these ppl when they said 4 loko reminded them of high school. Pshhh reminds me if college lol

  10. Sangria will fck you up always like I'm serious especially if it's warm, one glass and you're ready to go. In Spain where sangria is from you can get 1'5L for less than 2$ in every supermarket. It's a typical summer drink that everyone enjoys at lunch or dinner but you've got to be careful with it or you will end up throwing up in a couple hours 😂.

  11. went to a party drank this and ended up with two guys fighting over me while my ex was there and my best guy friend whos in love with me was there and i hooked up with my ex so yea its basically a 4loko but more sophisticated

  12. When I was 19 (about 8 years ago) I used to party almost every day of the week so I would buy a fourloko or two every night. And let me tell you. YOU WILL GET DRUNK but it tastes like the worst thing you can imagine

  13. Nah, the true alcoholic secret is cheap port wine. 20% alcohol and the packaging tries to portray it as a fine dessert wine so you don't feel like a sleazebag for drinking it.

    Horrific tasting and gives brutal hangovers, but gets you massively euphorically drunk in a really distinct way that isn't comparable to other types of liquor, even legit non-hobo port. I know it isn't legal to put unlisted additives in booze, but I could swear it had something else in it. Drinking a bottle used to get me totally cracked out.

  14. Great video. Whoever invented wine four loko is a deviant mastermind. We made a video about how we imagine Four Lokos were created – hint: it involved cocaine

  15. I just put a whole bottle down, got tipsy but for so little alcohol it fucked me up. If that ain't healthy dunno what is

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