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One Night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn ! – Dive Bar Tour

One Night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn ! – Dive Bar Tour

Later that night…. (Scream) What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York’s hipster capital And tonight.. we’re going to take you on a really unique bar crawl Just consisting..of dive bars We’re teaming up with a group guys named The Bar Buds Who are going to take us to 4 or 5 dive bars We’re going to be drinking cheap beer Cheap shots Free food This is getting me excited already Let’s go I’m Adam, and I’m Eric We’re the Bar Buds We bring a couple of people around every weekend To all these wonderful bars That smell vaguely of mold and urine. Yep.. We’re all about dive bars We..took a look at everything else that was available For travelers And it was like.. Come drink in the fancy.. nobody knows about it Whole in the wall.. and get fancy cocktails And the cover charges are only $10 In the vaults of something that used to be a bank Back in the day And then we’re like Well, what do we like doing? We like the places Where the PBR’s are tall And the shots make you regret life So..that’s how the bar buds began Here’s to some… wild times Ideally huh? Start it out right That was rough.. oooo I didn’t drink the beer. Drink your beer. Never get ,used to it.. Never Goodness gracious A real man never chases This right here is the definition of a dive bar photo booth
I love this We just had a shot of really awful whiskey And some PBR And we’re going to go outside and play some mini-golf In the middle of Brooklyn, here. This is.. going to be interesting This looks like the worst mini-golf course I’ve ever seen The worst-best mini golf course You’ve ever seen We do have a motorized Pabs Blue Ribbon.. windmill This looks like somebody built this In their garage I kind of like it actually If you go ahead and drop the ball in there Yeah You see that.. it gets nowhere Near the hole
Yeah I think it actually gets farther away then if you hit it Did I just break eit? It started working moments later.. More nice touches Old desks from the New York City school system Astro turf This bar has a lot of character Talking about the next bar.. They just fixed the air hockey table You used to get stuck The puck used to get stuck all the time Just rip our knuckles up digging it out So.. I walked in the other day And i was like.. Where’d your change machine go? And they had a quarter machine.. you put in a dollar you got 4 quarters And she’s like Believe it or not Somebody came in today When we were opening up the bar They unscrewed it from the wall And walked out with $700 in quarters And on thate note.. We’ve got a group of about 8 people so far From Boston, L.A, I forgot where else There’s a group from Montreal And some Canadiens As we go to a Canadien bar.. how perfectly timed The story of the pickle back shot Hans Pickle and Franchesco Back Were drinking together And their was a huge arguement.. Between them
I think they were talking about horses or something I lose the details.. of the story He has whiskey and then threw back his pickle juice And instead of making his usual.. that he said he would He was all wiped away And there is the Genesis Of the pickle back Best reaction ever in.. 3 2… 1… Not the first pickle back of my life But having a nasty shot of whiskey, followed by A sour batch of pickle juice It’s actually pretty soothing I liked it a lot I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone order a cocktail on this bar crawl Can we see the cocktail? Cocktail What is it exactly This is a tequila sunrise This bathroom is exactly as I imagined it would look like I’m throughly enjoying this tour so far It’s just the second bar And i’m sitting in our second photo booth And I was telling them that I have been to dive bars before But I’ve never had a night Strictly dedicated to this And I really like this sort of establishment Everything is cheap And the bartenders are chill And the environment is cool This is.. this is turning into a pretty memorable night already It’s been fun A lot more fun than I thought it would be I mean with alcohol everythings kind of fun so.. We’re in bar #3 Right now Alligator Lounge And they are known for giving you pizza with every drink There’s actually a version of this in Manhattan That I’ve been to It’s the perfect timing for this Because we’ve already had a bunch to drink at two other spots They saw me filming.. and invited me to try.. I’m just inventing as we go along.. I’ve never made pizza beofre That was unplanned totally It’s not the worst pizza I’ve ever tried I’ve tried worse It’s not amazing..but It’s free and I made it so.. It’s like very sentimental for me.. I made this with my bare hands It’s hits me here.. Every bite, hits me here.. yeah Are you ready.. For Dare Jenga? Kiss a guy with a mustache Lick the Q Ball Teach a stranger to dance.. Eric where’s our last bar of the night? What are we doing? From the third to the fourth bar We have about a 12-13 minute walk It gives people a little chance to sober up, before they get drunk again.. It was a little loud for audio But we played lots of skee-ball Drank $5 Tecates And just messed around If anybody wants to come out and meet a bunch of people And drink a bunch of beer And meet this.. beautiful face right here And remember.. it’s not a tour It is a tour It’s not a tour It’s a tour I’ve never given a tour in my life I lead tours every night No.. we don’t It’s not a tour Members of the Barrio I’ve lived in New York for 6 years And the Bar Buds showed me A bunch of bars that I never even heard of In Brooklyn In Williamsburg Dive Bars Unpretentious places If you’re visiting New York Hit these guys up Trust me It’s worth your time They know exactly where to take you And we had a lot of fun. We met people from all different parts of the country Just meshed together For one.. memorable night I’m going to put all the information down below If you.. want to take there tour It’s going to be.. all there Like, subscribe, all that good stuff We’ve got a lot more coming up from New York In the next couple of weeks Thank you so much for watching Until next time

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  1. Un buen video para comenzar la semana abrazos amigos y mucha suerte #TeamjonandAdriana saludos desde México

  2. Would you go on this Dive Bar Crawl? Leave a comment below !

  3. One of the funnest videos I got to do with you. Adam & Eric were great "tour guides" ;). We def. gotta check out their Manhattan one when it gets going.

  4. The windmill is cool. you broke it, you pay for it! haven't seen your twin in a while. I don't think I've ever hung out at a bar before. cool that they let you try making the pizza!

  5. Bro I only spotted 2 alright looking girls. Go to the West village where you took me that 1 day I had a 24 hr lay over. That area was amazing!!

  6. Tecate for $5 ? No even for a dollar man that beer is pretty bad.
    But pretty fun video john!!! Cheers!

  7. Oh god, I need to prepare for Czech. The windmill… it looks like its a thousand years old relic and you nearby killed it. The jenga dare game must've been fun! But after licking the Q-Ball I'd drink a lot of alcohol to neutralize the shit out of whatever is left on the tongue.

  8. Of course only in NYC and Brooklyn. I would do a dive bar crawl, the last place looked like there were more games.

  9. Whiskey shots that will make you regret life a classic comment and the poor windmill at least it lived and not to mentioned you survived the night how you felt in the morning another story I guess.
    Great video really enjoyed it and the expression on your face after downing the shots priceless

  10. This looks like so much fun! Hahaha, I have definitely been to the pizza+beer place at 2am 9 years ago or so!

  11. Dude Brooklyn back in the 50-70s used to be full of working class tough Jews, blacks, Irish,Classy Italian wise guys with Cadillac’s. Now it’s for these pussy, fruit cake, yuppy hipsters

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