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NYC’s 7 BEST Speakeasy Bars | Secret Nightlife Guide ! 🍸

NYC’s 7 BEST Speakeasy Bars | Secret Nightlife Guide ! 🍸

What’s up guys It’s Jon And New York City has some of the best nightlife on the planet Tonight I’m going to show you around 7 Hidden Speakeasy Bars Go through the whole list I gurantee you’ll find something you like Here we go Number 7.. Please Don’t Tell The key to this bar is calling in for a reservation At exactly 3 o’clock On the day that you want to go Be relentless It takes a little while to get through But trust me.. it’s worth it And speaking of the phone Please don’t tell probably the most well known speakeasy in New York City Hidden inside of Crif Dogs a hot dog joint in the east village You’ll need to enter the phone booth Dial 1 And tell the door girl about your reservation Get whisked through the phone Into a relaxing dark cocktail lounge The bartender was great and the cocktails while not cheap At $16 Really hit the spot Bonus tip.. order a hot dog from the bar We split a Chang Dog and with Kimchi on top it was surprisingly good One more thing Read the rules on the bathroom And don’t talk on your cell phone Number 6.. 124 Old Rabbit Club The great thing about this bar is that you would never expect to find it.. on one of the busiest Loudest party streets in the city MacDougal But all you’ve got to do Is follow the rabbit Downstairs This is the kind of speakeasy you won’t find in many guidebooks Walk down the creaky stairs to an unmarked door And enter a den of unusual craft beer You might even impress a few friends This is my pick for a casual date night.. Because it’s dark Hip and doesn’t fit into the neighborhood’s fratty vibe The beers can run over $10 But that’s the price you pay for drinking Belgian, German, and British Brews Team Adriana and I settled on 2 $8 Palm Amber Ales And they were perfect This is the one bar on the list I frequent the most So if you see me Come say hi Number 5.. Sunshine Laundromat It’s called Sunshine Laundromat because it is actually a working laundromat In Greepoint, Brooklyn Head to the back Open the fake dryer door to reveal A sick little bar with tons of pinball machines And arcade attached I bet you didn’t see that coming All beers are $7.00 And there’s over 25 machines to choose from This is by far the least pretentious place on the list Heck.. you can even play Jenga Just don’t lose as badly as I did Number 4.. The Garret How many speakeasy bars do you know of That are hidden.. above a 5 Guys Burger spot.. Not to many Can I order a burger with a side of Moscow Mule? Sure can just start at Five Guys and then work your way upstairs To the Garret The night I went it was hopping The music was loud And the crowd here definitley skewed on the younger side So I recommend this spot for those 30 and under viewers If you want a little more peace and quiet Head to the more comfortable backroom Most of the cocktails ran 14 to 15 dollars While beers were 7 to 9 dollars Come here if you’re looking for a crazy night out Number 3 The Backroom To get to this speakeasy You’re going to have to walk through a bit of.. a creepy little alley But trust me It’s worth it Ahh the Backroom One of my all-time favorites.. Open the metal gates and walk through a graffiti filled alley Don’t worry there’s no monsters waiting to get you Although Adriana was a little bit afraid This is one of just.. two bars in the city That was actually a speakeasy during the Prohibition era In the U.S.A And they maintain that theme well From the chandeilers and art work on the walls To the super strong $14 Cocktails served in Tea cups Of all the bars on the list, this one feels the most authentic 1920’s… And if you’re a beer drinker You’ll get yours in a brown bag Because remember.. you’re not supposed to be here Number 2.. UES We’ve seen seen Speakeasies masquerading as other things But an ice cream shop I admit That’s pretty unique And this is.. no ordinary ice cream UES is the newest player on the scene And as a standalone ice cream shop They’re damn good Seriously.. some of the best cookies and cream I’ve ever had But I digress You’re here for the Speakeasy And you need to know the magic words to get in I wanted to check out the storage room? Guys and girls.. no sneakers or jeans.. Or you won’t get in But dress up a little and get led into a Speakeasy lounge You could see Frank Sinatra in Seriously.. his music was playing and Ol’ Blue Eyes will even be watching from above The cocktails were fantastic My $16 El Lado Este Superior was a Cuban Rum drink Which even came in a cigar box With a fake cigar made of chocolate It’s the small touches people The bathroom itself is worth visiting just to see.. This was quite an experience And I really do recommend you try that Ice Cream first Before I reveal the number 1 spot on the list I want to remind everyone.. to subscribe and click that bell If you want to be notified about more awesome New York City videos Like this one Our final stop.. not only has an amazing old fashioned setting But if you pick the right night of the week You can get some free entertainment built in as well Number 1.. Bathtub Gin This is a New York City classic Hidden behind a coffee shop in Chelsea On Tuesdays and Sundays they have burlesque performances I highly recommend making a reservation At least a week in advance But not Filming So.. if you have no idea what Burlesque is.. It looks something like this.. You can use your imagination As for the cocktails Bathtub gin had by far the tastiest libations.. at $16 it’s not cheap But well worth it Try any of their gin concoctions Or Adriana’s choice The Alma De Humo An incredible Mezcal and Rum Mix Bonus Tip Try to find the bathroom stall with old fashioned chain toilet handle It reminded me of the Godfather Part 1 Make sure to leave a comment and tell me which of these 7 Speakeasy Bars you’d most like to visit Share the video with a friend you’d love to come to New York with And make sure to stay tuned for more adventures coming up From the Big Apple I’ve got a lot of videos in store Guys thank you so much for watching Until next time Has something for everyone We’ve got.. I got distracted by the kid..on the thing I thought it was a dog running at me..

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  1. Which of these Speakeasy Bars would you most likely take a friend/date to ? Watch my NYC Playlist for even MORE ideas of things to do in NYC ! Don't forget to subscribe.

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  2. Awesome video, John! I don’t drink so I don’t think I’ll ever go to any of these places but it’s nice to know they’re there. Anything in nyc is interesting to me.

  3. Cool video, I've been to 3 in San Diego, a couple in LA, one in Bend, OR, oh and one in Huntsville, AL, but never any in NYC.

  4. Good job Jon! Some of those bars look creepy. You’re right first thing I remembered when I saw the toilet was The Godfather Part 1.

  5. Now that is cool a bar behind a laundrymat and ice cream shop my favourite the original speakeasy great video

  6. my favorite youtube channel rn, i'm from rio de janeiro and planning a trip to nyc in january!
    great tips, love it

  7. I would definitely want to try the Sunshine laundromat mainly because it is in Brooklyn and of course The Backroom for the nostalgia. All of them were interesting. I don't know what happened to my original comment, sometime youtube doesn't act as expected or it was user error.

  8. I love them all it's hard for me to pick 🏺🏺🍻🍺🥂🏺🍾🍹🍸🍷🍾🍵☕🍵🥂🥂🥂🍻🍺🥃🥃🥃🍹🍸🍷🍷👍👍👍

  9. Special THANKS for this one Jon, as when I get in NYC, I would like to get to those small traditional "old-school" bars with history behind them. That's just a GREAT !!!!!!!!! Thanks man. Best regards from Europe

  10. And if one doesn't drink ?? WhaT are the other night time activities on offer in New York ? Could I get tea instead of a beer at the speak easy ? 🤣

  11. Awesome list.

    I was worried about number 5 not been this other RIPE OFF spot with the same name on havemayer.
    The owner is one of the most racist, and probably involved in illegal activities biz owner you'll find in Brooklyn.

    Which I wouldn't doubt if he's been investigated as we speak.

  12. Awesome!! This is helpful for my trip coming up!! Thank you! I definitely want to check out the OG speakeasy and the ice cream spot!

  13. UES or Bathtub Gin look most appealing to me as a 30 year old! Can you book Bathtub Gin a while in advance? Wanting to check out a Sunday night burlesque show in June!

  14. Thank you for your valuable tips. We will be sure to visit some of your recommendations, next time we're in NYC>

  15. dude that's awesome. saved for my next trip[pppppp! thanks bro. Though I would really really appreciate if you can emphasize if places like that have enough options for non-alcoholic drinks. I mean it sounds off but i'd like to visit a place like that, enjoy the vibe…etc and also have a chance to try something but coke lol … thanks

  16. I am not sure this is what I had in mind when taking a look at your video. Hmmm, Speakeasy and Jazz are pretty synonymous, you're telling me none of these places have live music? That's a terrible waste of good ambiance if you ask me, perhaps you need to dig a little deeper

  17. However, its a great way to pixie lead somebody into a good night out. The etiquette is if you know about it not to tell your friends otherwise it spoils the charm.

  18. none. cause i'm 13 and i live in California.

    but honestly the one with frank sinatra or the burlesque seemed appealing.

  19. Hey John, great video. My company is planning a business event where we are going to convert a downtown well known steakhouse into a speakeasy for one night, it will also have a full casino and poker lounge. November 14th. I think you'd be interested in this business event, and I'd like to get in touch with you.Please connect with me on LinkedIn so we can exchange the right contact information.

  20. Hey, looks like the channel “be amazed” used a portion of your video. Which brought me back to your channel lol. I was looking for some neat places to check out the next time I’m in NYC and had forgotten about watching this video months ago lol. Oh the wonders of the YouTube rabbit hole. Lol. minute mark around 10:45 ish.

  21. Visited Bathtub Gin and Please Don’t Tell this week, they were both EXCELLENT! Thanks for the review, we never would’ve tried these places if I hadn’t seen your video.
    Side note, a bar across from PDT called Bua is actually pretty nice too!

  22. Great list. Been to all but the Laundromat one. As someone else noted, I’d include Angel’s Share, though it’s not well hidden. At UES, I didn’t need to ask for the storage room. They just said I needed to find the switch to get in.

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