Best Cocktails on Earth

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  1. I can't imagine coming up with the LIIT. Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, sour mix, and coke should, from everything I know, be a discordant, unholy concoction. But, lo and behold, it kinda just tastes like iced tea.

    Great video.

  2. I never really knew what went into those things but after having 8 one night (I'm told I still hold the bar record) I can tell you what came out of them…. I am now closing in on 35 years of continuous sobriety!!! My dear friend sent me this video with the comment of, "I will never forget!" I guess driving away with someone hanging onto your cars wipers makes a lasting impression on them! Haven't had alcohol or any mind changing drug since 10/08/78. Thank God!

  3. too bad they never cost the same as any other drink basicly. Melbourne, I cant find a long island costing under 20-25. delicious nonetheless!

  4. Someone got me very drunk with this stuff at a work christmas party a few years ago, haha. Had no idea how much alcohol it had back then,. I know now, ouch. 🙂

  5. 5 shots. Just this one drink and you're illegal to drive home. Yeah Bartender…I'll have a Sam Adams. And yes, I loved the OBI when I lived there.

  6. So a guy named Bob Butt created this drink at the Hamptons for a work competition? Haha. Thats easy to remember. Gross drink btw. Lol

  7. Definitely not the version I was sold at Papa Seafood that left me completely sober… I like this version a lot better.

  8. What exactly is sour mix, nobody ever elaborates on that part, I'm just an average joe that wants to make one himself but not versed in the alcohol arts, anybody out there care to enlighten me?

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