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Je teste un bar à cocktails Harry Potter magique (The Cauldron Experience London)

Je teste un bar à cocktails Harry Potter magique (The Cauldron Experience London)

After all the Halloween events I went to
last month in Los Angeles and London, and the horrible things that I saw there, I need some magic now. And that’s good: tonight I’ll take you to The Cauldron, a magic cocktail bar broadly inspired by the
universes of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. I take you to the best places
to have fun around the world. Subscribe to join the adventure. Only one destination: fun! I have just been given a magic wand. I don’t know which way I should use it but apparently thanks to this magic wand,
we will be able to make many things work. Tonight I’m with Maaret, who’s here, and with Dan. And if we went for a walk in this closet? Maaret, did you find something? Yes, I think I will take some ingredients
to make a good mix. We will use these plants to do our magic. Here we are in a kind of secret room,
the room where the magic plants are cultivated which are used for our magic potions. I was given another magic wand
because the first one didn’t work. This one looks a little bit more demonic. With the magic wand
I can turn off the light if I want. And I can even turn on the light again. We just realized that we forgot
to take our welcome cocktail. So we will take it now. Thanks to the magic wand
we will open the secret box where our welcome cocktail is. It looks very… very… very… It’s like toad’s piss in fact,
because it’s green. Please, Maaret. You like to try new experiences. Apparently Maaret & Dan were not fans of the
welcome cocktail, yet it’s the Drink of the Gods. It’s true that the smell is special.
But what about the taste? I think I prefer to stay a mere mortal. Dan told me that apparently
it’s better like this. No, no! It’s even worse because when you do
like this the taste is even stronger. We’ll go back to drinks, magic potions,
of human beings now. We will leave the gods their own drinks,
we will make ours. We will be able to choose from three potions. For the first potion we can use the cauldron
and it will make bubbles. It will be nice. And the third, it will make flames and sparks. I think it’s a good idea. We were waiting quietly
for the waiters to come, but we forgot that to make them come
you have to use the magic wand. Higher, higher! Et voilà! We have just received our
first crate to make potions. And here are the instructions that look prettty
complicated. I don’t know if we will succeed. In any case, it’ll be a little bit spicy, obviously. Dragon’s tears for the end! So, let’s start by adding a liquid sunshine. It’s orange juice, obviously. Now we are going to add Cointreau. And tequila. I let them work because we have to
make three different jars of potion. I hope they are doing things well
and they won’t cast a bad spell or to poison me. It seems ok for now. Now I need to call an assistant for
a secret ingredient: “Horn of Wildfyre”. I don’t know what it is but… To make the potion there are 10 different steps. In fact it was the most complicated potion. For the next step we will
add the phoenix’s ashes. It’s starting to get really magical. It’s cinnamon! Now I’m going to smash the demons
to be sure they won’t come back because we just exorcised the demons
and now I want to be sure… they won’t come back.
They burned me! You have to smash the demons to be sure
they won’t come back: the demons of the past. Right? Et voilà! So now we’re going to add the magic potion
in the jar: 3 teaspoons unless we want it to be a bit more
spicy we can add even more. The magic formula is “apasionadamente” It doesn’t seem bad to me. Just at the end we must add seven dragon’s tears. That’s the final touch of our potion. When I turned the glasses, there was smoke
that came out: they are smoked glasses! I think they do things well. We are almost
at the end of the first magic formula. We just have to add seven dragon’s tears now
and our magic potion will be ready. Seven drops of dragon’s tears
in each potion. I think it’s good. Perhaps there are more,
but it’s your glass! Thank you! Voilà, voilà! Do you want to swap because I put eight drops
instead of seven? Are you afraid I’ll poison you? It smells like firewood,
it’s really smoked. Now the final touch. Cheers to Harry Potter! It’s very good! It’s very smoked in fact. It is very good, it is very smoked.
I think we have succeeded. In this story we will never know what
the dragon’s tears really were. It’s maybe better like this after all. We move on to serious things now: we’re going
to use a magic cauldron for the next potion. I just hope I’m not going to be
transformed into a toad. Apparently this one is the simplest of them all,
but there are fourteen steps. On the most complicated one there were ten steps. It’s very complicated to drink here,
there are too many steps. They float! No no! In the cauldron, there is Earl Gray tea
and we must add the botanics and stir five times clockwise with the ladle. – I speak French.
– You speak French? We just want a good spell, not a bad spell. So now we must add
a vial of gin per student. I remind you that Destination Fun T-shirts
are available on These are crystals… It must be inspired by pop culture,
but it’s a kind of culture that I don’t know. In any case, I feel that there are some who
will say we don’t know pop culture. Kalaxian crystals. And now you have to stir until the crystals
have completely dissolved in the mixture. Now I have to call the potion master to ask for the fairy dust. It’s smoking! Eighteen. We are in a hurry: an evil wizard
has booked our table so we have only 10 minutes left
to finish our cocktail. Potion Master! If we do anything wrong now, we risk
to catch the plague or something else as bad. Leviosa! No?! Abracadabra! Hocus Pocus! There is no magic formula, we just need to be
enthusiastic for 15 seconds. Here we go! Leviosa! Quick quick quick ! We have a little time left
before the evil wizard and his henchmen come and take our table
while we haven’t even finished. – Shazam!
– Alakazam! What is the last step? It’s that now we can drink it. It’s very sweet. I hope you enjoyed this new video.
We will meet again very soon for a new adventure. Only one destination: fun! to be continued… Limited edition of Destination Fun T-shirt has arrived. You can get yours right now on We’ll meet again very soon for a
new adventure around the world. In the meantime, follow me on my
Instagram account to see my photos in fun destinations around the world.

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  1. 11.09 elle ma l air sympa la petite bouteille larme de dragon,malheureusement très difficile a s en procurer ^^cela dit ce bar est vraiment sympa,avec tous types de mélanges,c est plutôt bien,encore une nouvelle découverte très intéressante^^merci Fab^^

  2. Ce bar est un super concept ! Il faut juste être patient pour déguster la potion magique mais le plaisir sera encore plus au rendez-vous ! Mention spéciale à Dan 🙂 Et merci pour cette rigolade quand tu renversais tout =D

  3. Merci Beaucoup Fab, une fois de plus, tu régales nos sens et nos papilles avec tes vidéos, qui, n'ayons pas peur des mots, nous donnent envie ! Ma femme a déja reservé 4 places à l'hôtel près de ce bar à cocktails lors de nos prochaines vacances avec les enfants, où nous avons décidé d'y poser bagages afin de tester ces fabuleux cocktails et d'emmener les enfants dans le parc d'attraction où le personnel fait la tête !
    Merci encore,
    La famille Mbarki

  4. Génial ! Il faut vraiment que j'ajoute cette étape à ma prochaine visite londonienne .
    Il faut réserver ? Et combien cela coute ? Est-ce qu'on paye les verres séparément ?

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