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How to make the Dragon’s Breath Shot – Tipsy Bartender

How to make the Dragon’s Breath Shot – Tipsy Bartender

(Drum Music) – Are you ready for this drink, Miss Mallorie?
– [Mallorie] I’m ready, yes. – What is this drink called? – This drink is called
The Dragon’s Breath. – And do you know why it’s
called Dragon’s Breath? – Because it’s hardcore.
– [Skyy] Exactly, homeboy. You will blow fire if
you drink this drink! – Yup. – [Skyy] Raspberry Liqueur, homeboy. – [Mallorie] I’ma homegirl.
– [Skyy] Oooh yeah, look at that just drizzle down in there. Smells decent? – [Mallorie] Mmm-hmm, smells good. – Smells passionate! Now we can hit it with some Absinthe. – [Mallorie] A.K.A? – ^ [Skyy] The Green Fairy! Okay, you ever heard of Green Fairy? – [Mallorie] Of course I have, what? – [Skyy] I made love
to a Green Fairy once. – [Mallorie] What? – [Skyy] Caught Chlamydia. – [Mallorie] Eww! (laughs) You’re joking, right? – [Skyy] Hmm?
– [Mallorie] You’re joking. – [Skyy] Yeah, yeah I’m joking. – [Mallorie] You better be joking. – [Skyy] It’s all jokes, yeah, yeah yeah. Don’t mind if she’s a fairy,
homeboy, use a condom. – [Mallorie] You better take care of that. If you haven’t already. (laughs) – [Skyy] I tried to, but when
you catch stuff from fairies, it’s hard to get rid of it. Okay, you got to see a wizard, alright! (laughter) – [Mallorie] Oh my gosh.
– Check it out, take a good look at that. – It’s a nice little layered drink! – [Skyy] Sexy, right? – It’s probably not. – It will knock your drawers of, homeboy! – Yeah. – Are you ready?
– [Mallorie] Mmm-hmm! – Are you nervous? – Of course not. – Why? – [Mallorie] Because I have Jesus with me. Duh. – He probably shouldn’t be here, but then you know what? He turned water into wine,
so this is where he’d be! Go ahead! Oww, owww, ow! (laughs) I bet I woke up my neighbors. – Oh my God, you just hit your hand? – [Skyy] No.
– Are you okay? – [Skyy] I’m fine.
– Alright. – Y’all don’t play that back in slow-mo. (laughs) Don’t. – Okay, anyway, cheers! (fast rock music) – Disgusting? – That was so nasty, that was gross. I didn’t enjoy that,
and it was very strong. No, it was definitely
Dragon’s Breath, it’s really, it has a really good name. I need some water! – Tipsy Bartender, lemme
get her some water, ’cause this helicopter
messed up our shoot anyway! We’re out! – See ya! – [Skyy] Also check out Emma
making a Crocodile Cooler! Find us on Facebook and
Twitter at Tipsy Bartender!

Reader Comments

  1. Hey Sky, i made this drink last night that was incredible which you should do on your show
    Cut a coconut, pour ice, coconut vodka and gingerale (canada dry). Simple

  2. Because Skyy John was talking about Jesus, he hit his left hand against the wall causing him to lose all his chakra to perform "AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!" taunt.
    1:25- 1:33

  3. Well, Thank you Mr. wizard, but i had it in Amsterdam, Leon, and Bucharest, and It had more than "Chilled Water" in it LMAO.. Really? Who are you tryin to impress.

  4. REALLY??? My buddy laine had to go to Paris to get some back in 2006 I never checked into it after. But I do live in Quebec so… maybe we're just not as lucky as the reste of Canada!

  5. What kind of Absinthe is this I cant find it anywhere I see big bottles of absinthe but I don't know if it's the same one where can I find this absinthe to buy online please help

  6. Look up his 7 headed dragon video and his Kim Jun Il Nuclear bomb shot.
    Ones super strong, ones super nasty.

  7. I like how he says he caught Clamydia from a fairy. And she really is hoping its not true cause they defs be bangin.


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