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Hidden Tokyo Bar Tour ! 🍶 (Best Tokyo Nightlife Tour 2018) (Life in Japan Ep.4)

Hidden Tokyo Bar Tour ! 🍶 (Best Tokyo Nightlife Tour 2018) (Life in Japan Ep.4)

Ok so.. see ? Japanese Kampai.. Let’s do it! Kampaiiiii What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Tokyo We’re in Shinjuku Station on a Saturday night And we are going to be exploring some of Tokyo’s nightlife We’re working with a company called Magical Trip That takes people like us to really local, authentic bars In Tokyo We’re going to try some local, we’re going to try some local drink I think this is going to be A night to remember Are you ready to go Adriana? Yes.. it’s our first night going out in Tokyo I’m really excited And of course I’m ready to drink My name is Miyabi i’m today’s guide So.. i’m going to take you to three bars Tonight
First.. we’re going to go to Omoide Yokocho. Which means memory lane After that we’re going to head out to Ebisu Taking the Yamamoto Line Then we’re going to stop at 2 more bars We are starting in Omoide Yokocho which literally means Memory Alley Just walking here for a couple of feet This already looks super unique And I’m happy to be taking this tour already We order beer first Then most of the people switch to the highball Whiskey with sparkling water.. With a litlte bit of the sparkle of the lemon If you think where you’re from has small bars and restaurants Tokyo has some of the tiniest places I have ever seen You are just stuffed in here With a lot of strangers There’s a lot of cigarette smoke everywhere But.. it’s interesting And i’m looking forward to trying our first beer here So we say Kampai
When we do a toast Alright Kampai! Solid beer, very light I don’t know what we just ordered Kanpai I just learned a new word Guys I’ve been sick for the last few videos and the medicine didn’t work I hope this works It’s pretty light, it’s like a summer beer I would say I’m trying chicken meatball on a stick It smells so good Mmm This may be one of the best meatsticks I’ve had in a really really long time It is so juicy And tender They serve Matziki which means grilled guts Of the pork meat So.. here Grilled guts of pork The pork insides arrived minutes later This is the first thing in Japan i’m trying That i’m not excited about Pork Uterus I’m going to take a small bite I don’t like the looks of this But I’ve got to try new things Ok here we go Not for me I don’t like it It’s very like.. Chewy. It’s not crispy enough This is to soft and weird for me I also know what it is I wish I didn’t know what this was And I dipped it in some sauce maybe I’d like it I don’t like pork uterus Trying pork neck.. The Wagyu beef was delicious Now we have highball Which is shoju Japanese kind of sake With sparkling water And lemon Alright here we go Kanpai That’s dangerous guys We don’t feel it But we will Eventually Honestly I think I may have been intimidated if I wasn’t on this tour with her If I didn’t know her To walk in to that place With all locals, smoking.. crowded little place But we did it And the food was incredible I mean I enjoyed the food there more than the drink But I think we’ve got plenty more drinking to do tonight After world war 2 They started.. to build this neighborhood This area To having dinner To having.. with alcohol With friends So.. this is why we keep this neigbhorhood in this way Heading for Ebisu via the JR Line We’ve entered Ebisu
Which is an area I actually didn’t really know to much about We’re going to go to . Bar number 2 here A lot of energy A lot of lights Cool neighborhood Ebisu Yokocho This place has a lot of younger age hanging out Drinking.. with good food I thought this was one bar.. this is like 50 bars Under 1 roof
I did not see this coming We’re about to squeeze in right here You are forced to make friends very quickly here Because you are sitting next to strangers everywhere Very cool Okay so.. See Japanese Kanpai let’s do it Kanpaiii Good.. no ? This kind of Yokocho.. is famous for making friends Like this This is why Japanese younger ages Gather in here And hang out here This area Pork and Shrimp Dumplings Yeah this is so good I like it Guys.. I’m from Mexico You drink Tequila like a shot Don’t do that with sake You can enjoy it Kanpaii I prefer the sweeter Sake To the drier stuff That’s just me But.. whatever you prefer The sake here is really really good though It goes down like water Have a good night
Yeah have a good .. Nice to meet you. We’re going to go the last stop Which is a kind of a modern bar I always recommend to our clients to have this Awamori What is it? Kind of sake based… made from sweet potato Or sugar cane This one has a strong taste Then usual sake Not really sweet Kanpai Okwinawan sake That does taste stronger Me and Adriana are debating this I actually like the Okiniwan Sake better You said you prefer the one at the last place I just think this one is to dangerous It’s to dangerous? I’m starting to laugh more And more guys No more sake For me If somebody came to Tokyo and they had one night To go out What would you recommend they do? Okay I’m going to take them to some Japanese Izakaya’s To try Japanese sake And Japanese typical food Because our culture is really based on.. having sake with good communication To know each other If you’re interested in our bar hopping tour Just join us please Come to visit.. come to visit Japan Please I’m waiting for you Alright Members of the Barrio If you want to take the same bar hopping tour that we took With Magical Trip I’m putting all of the information down in the description Miyabi was an excellent tour guide We checked out a few different spots Honestly, I enjoyed the food as much as I enjoyed the drink on this tour. We tried so many different types of beer, sake. little things on skewers Dumplings It was.. in my opinion a complete night out in Tokyo I highly recommend it Make sure you’re subscribed to this channel if you’re new here Because we’ve got a couple of weeks left more left in Japan Thank you so much for watching Until next time Yeah.. yeah Hiiii We have our new friends filming for us Thank you What’s your name Takahiro I’m Jon Nice to meet you. Adriana.

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  1. Pork Uterus, I didn’t know that this is eatable at all.. very brave. You guys had lot of alcohol and it seems they like beer in JP – learned two new things from this video … pork uterus is eatable and Japanese people love beer. Cool Video 😄

  2. John y Adrianita soy yo Doña Vero como siempre ya veo que haya en Tokyo son borrachos de perdido Esta buena la cerveza?🤗 Buen provecho! 😁😋☺😆

  3. Wow pork uretus!!!, I mean in Mexico we eat a lot of the insides, but don't know if I would try that, saludos a los dos..

  4. What do you think of bars in Tokyo? Leave a comment so YouTube knows you're watching.

  5. Cuando estaban comiendo las banderillas de pollo y tripas se me antojaron, la diferencia en comer las tripas acá en México es que son doradas en tacos y me gustan más las de res. Me gustó el video 📹 saludos 😊

  6. Very cool. I went to Ebisu every day when I lived at Minami Azabu (Hiro-o station), not far from Tokyo Tower. Ebisu is great for the night life.

    Bringing on great memories, Jon. Keep 'em coming! 😊

  7. Has anyone fed you Strong Zero yet? Last time I drank it, I ended up in a karaoke bar at 1:30am and with broken bones

  8. The bars seemed really tiny but I think Tokyo in general is fairly crowded. A good way to meet locals, I would imagine.

  9. Is Miyabi a local tourguide? Anyway to get her contact? Would love a local to take us around tp places that locals go to… Less touristy

  10. haha, when it comes to trying new food, I found that it's best when people don't tell me what I'm about to eat so I can give it a legit judgement. That's how I knew that I enjoyed shirako and how i knew that I did not like kidney.

  11. Do they never serve soda or water in Japan? All i see in videos is people drinking alcohol. I dont drink alcohol. lol

  12. btw, awamori is made from Thai rice instead of Japanese rice (not from sweet potato),,,,that's how okinawans prepare or make their local "sake" (very different from the rest of Japan)

  13. What is the name of the song from beggining?
    Also, thanks for great vloging and great travel tips from all around the globe.
    Greetings from Serbia!

  14. I'd love to go one time just to see what it's like over there…wonder where you can get a good ribeye though.

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