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  1. I genuinely believe Hannah Ann didn’t know about the champagne for Kelsey, but the way she behaves really rubs me the wrong way. The way she was so aggressive in the first episode made her feel like Luke P, and she feels so snakey in this

  2. Y’all have to remember that producers make them drink nonstop so Kelsey was probably a little tipsy so of course she would get more pissed

  3. "I'm over it, I'm over it." Crying like a lil bitch. "I'm over it. I'm over it. DON'T TALK TO ME." This girl is about as charming as a turd.

  4. I’m on Kelsey’s side. If I was in her shoes I would be acting the same way! Sure there are things Kelsey could’ve fixed, like pulling Hannah aside but in the heat of the moment it didn’t happen. It was Kelsey’s special moment! Not Hannah Ann’s!! Even though Hannah may not have known it was Kelsey’s, she could’ve asked or made sure it wasn’t anyone else’s. Theres no special setup.

  5. The producers are SNAKES for letting Hannah open that bottle up instead of bringing her to the set up they made 😭😭😭

  6. I honestly just came to see her get it all over her face.. butttttt how is it the other girls fault that it squirted all over her face?

  7. Champagne bottle mixup that Kelsey brought one with her for her special date with Peter. Surely you jest. With everything going on in the world today, the bottle seems the least thing to act like a child over. Grow up. Maybe you're too impatient to take on any more challenges.

  8. I saw this scene at the gym while I was on the stairmaster, couldn't hear what was going one but when I saw that back splash of champagne hit her face I knew this dumb shit was gonna go viral lol

  9. The thing that got me most upset is how Peter just sat there and never once jumped to say anything. Yet he reached down behind the place where they were seated and clearly grabbed another champagne bottle. Did he know or not know? Everyone clearly saw there was another champagne bottle sitting on the floor. I think the only innocent party is Hannah Ann. So I think Hannah Ann didn't know which was which. Or maybe those behind the scene did it for pure instigation purposes to heighten the tension of the women. Shows like this are purely known for doing just that – setting people up.

  10. Hahaha what does she think, it’s the bachelor! There’s champagne & candles everywhere! She’s clearly told to act like this because of the show. It’s all fake! 🙄

  11. Wasn’t it Peter that said “Let’s do it!” Lol so technically it was Peters idea to drink that 😂

  12. How many times has she said she’s over it and then kept on being dramatic about it. Seriously who would wanna steal a champagne when there was better things to do …

  13. are you aware that producers set up filming spots with champagne, lighting & blankets then direct each girl where to take the guy?

    Production does this so we get best clear picture. Bachelor isn’t allowed to take the girl anywhere for example with victoria he took her away for privacy.

    So production directed hannah ann & peter to this filming location to get best romantic picture drama filled moment. Hannah ann had no idea. She was described as naive from chris harrison meaning shes perfect victim to be villain

  14. So yes kelsey you do walk up to champagne bottle and think its for you bc producers TELL YOU TO.

    Hannahs know how to act, but lord she meed help with her mouth.

  15. Oh, I missed this last night and I can't believe I ever went against Hannah Ann–she is trying her best to be genuine while everyone is calling her fake from left to right. That temper tantrum from Kelsey is unbelievable

  16. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahhahaha

    Take a breath


  17. She should be embarrassed! These women who go on this show must be desperate. The directors of the show allowed this mixup. They could have steered them to the other bottle. Fake show!

  18. I get where Kelsey is coming from, but I also understand where Hannah Ann is coming from. I believe Hannah Ann when she says she had no idea, but at the same time Kelseys’s right- you don’t just walk up to a beautiful set up like that and assume it’s yours? But overall, I still don’t believe Hannah Ann is genuine and there for the right reasons.

  19. Hahahaha when you’re the first person to comment after it’s posted and blame the producers for orchestrating the situation, and your comment is deleted 😂😂😂

  20. He was ready to propose right then when she took the shot to the face but immediately changed his mind when he saw she was a spitter.

  21. Kelsies not Peters type. She’s rude & bratty. The producers are making him keep her around for drama, Hannah Ann looks like she genuinely did not know.

  22. I don't like it when people touch my stuff without permission either, so I get where the blonde girl is coming from. I would be hella mad to 🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. If the champagne sprayed my face I would laugh so hard. You gotta laugh at yourself and stop taking everything so serious. Guys don’t like stuck up whinny chicks. Life is to short to get all wound up.

  24. i would definitely be upset like kelsey, but hannah ann didn’t know. I think kelsey overreacted by saying “you know what you did”

  25. “BRING TAMMY HERE!!!!” Whyyy though.
    This girl is a hot mess. Peter was such a gentleman, while she continued to make a spectacle of herself. Not a big fan of Hannah Ann, but she did handle it all pretty classy while she was being called a fake bitch! Not sure I would have been as gracious. 😬

  26. #YeahYeah🐦 lol Tha smirk! The Princess Hannah Ann VS The Princess Slayer Kelsey! There can be only ONE!! 🌹 #ChampagneGATE #TheBachelor #LoveHurts #USA #WORLDWIDE #YeahYeah

  27. All of you guys in the comments are so stupid. This situation has happened before on the show. It’s all scripted you idiots

  28. She wanted to laugh but couldnt let herself be happy w the very thing she fucking wanted… champagne w the little boy posed a man! Smh if not getting your way stands in your way with someone, than that was blocked for everyone's own good. Get a rabbit and go home.

  29. There is something I do not like about Hannah Ann. I think she’s the villain in this season just like the twist with JED.

  30. "I'm not a classy bitch all the time."
    Words to live by… especially when you're clearly an unstable, dramatic bitch.

  31. I know the Blonde is not going to be a final contestant but a moment like that will definitely earn her a spot on Bachelor in Paradise

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