Best Cocktails on Earth

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  1. This is one reason I have no desire to start drinking. Too much confusion, judgement, and lingo I don’t wanna be anywhere near affiliated with. I don’t drink and I’ve got good reason to keep it that way.

  2. American beer is awful, as the Australians say, American beer is like making love in a canoe… Its fucking close to water

  3. "one up and one down" also means bring me a drink while I polish this one off. "neat" also refers to getting a shot in a rocks glass, without the rocks (ice). Larger glass often will get you more liquor than a shot glass.

  4. See, my logic is the less it takes to get drunk, the better. This saves money for next time and speeds up the process (Whiskey)

  5. "I think it's insensitive they put the probability of your card getting declined right on the machine." 😂😂😂😂😂 fucking tears man

  6. I once went to a bar and paid 27$ for a single drink. Ive never wasted my time or money going to a bar ever again lmao

  7. from the uk and genuinely tried bud light for the first time, it was pissweak, tasted horrible and i couldn't drink enough of it to get drunk

  8. What beer are you drinking that tastes like water? If you are drinking the right beer it blows those sweet fruity drinks out of the water.

  9. My friend got her credit card stolen and they blocked it after the suspicious activity of buying whole-grain bread, vegetables, and other healthy stuff in general

  10. Was the “You Suck at Drinking” a reference to “You Suck at Cooking”? Because I’m not yet convinced that you are separate people. I don’t know either of your faces.

  11. I disagree with using your card at a bar or a club it’s annoying because when you tip it doesn’t show immediately on your account it can take days and sometimes you can be so drunk you can overtip or some dumb bartender charges you twice by accident. I go to bars in nyc alote also clubs it’s annoying when they give you like 3 recites and shit remember folks take cash it’s faster and better for tipping. Also I experienced this and seen others face the problem of bartenders forgetting to return the card to the client especially when it’s on tab most ppl will be drunk or tipsy and forget.

  12. Drinks a man should drink:
    Vodka with ice
    Anything with +50% alcohol
    Pure kerosene
    Whatever russians make in their basement

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  16. “He” “Him”? I can’t remember the last time I saw a male bartender. I’m old school so beware of triggering. 99% of all bartenders used to be men around 30, wore a shirt and tie or jacket and vest, had impeccable grooming, and had great personalities with plenty of good jokes. Now it’s just the opposite. They’re all women, roughly 23, dress like shit, have nothing to say and if they do, it’s to other women to compare tatts. The bars, the clubs, everything, has slowly gone down the drain.

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  18. as someone who bartended, i think i would absolutely die if someone asked me to recommend them a drink because i knew less than alcohol than the people who i served

  19. "I think it's pretty insensitive that they put the probability of your card getting declined right on the machine."
    You sir, win Youtube.

  20. My siblings keep trying to take me to the bar (because I have no friends)… But I can't drink alcohol because of my medication and I'm asexual so nobody seems to want anything to do with me because I can't have sex with them…

    Please help, I'm incredibly lonely.

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