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Add a Keyboard Shortcut To Any Menu Bar Item In Mac OS X

Add a Keyboard Shortcut To Any Menu Bar Item In Mac OS X

good afternoon welcome to today’s video
and how to add a keyboards shortcut to any menu bar item for example in text edit if you want to add a menu bar keyboard shortcut to prevent editing or to allow hyphenation on in Safari if you want to add a keyboard shortcut to google you can do this and it is very simple let’s say if we want to add a keyboard shortcut to prevent editing within textedit this can be done with pretty much any
menu bar option that there is we are going to use system
preferences open up applications system preferences then select the keyboard preference pane this preference pane is all about keyboard shortcuts select the application shortcuts at the bottom of the left hand side list press the plus symbol now select the application you want to
edit in this case i want to edit texedit pretty simple typing prevents editing, make sure you get it exactly
correct, space included, capitalisation included then add a keyboard shortcut add lots of control modifier keys
such as control alt command option shift and a letter, simply so it doesn’t clash with anything else then click add now the changes have been made and we go back into TextEdit and our prevent editing option now has our keyboard shortcut it really is that simple now this keyboard command can be used for keyboard shortcuts and bookmarks in safari lets say I use google a lot we can add one to google within system preferences keyboard
shortcuts again click on the plus button and select safari from the list type in the menu bar title in this case google and add a keyboard
command note that if it is a long bookmark with lots of letters you can paste it in here in my view its worth altering the bookmark so it is shorter in length now safari and keyboard shortcuts don’t differentiate between a normal menu bar command so now when we go into bookmarks you can see the keyboard shortcut and when we type our keyboard shortcut google loads if you want to remove the keyboard
shortcut it is just as quick as adding one within the system preference again select the one you don’t want and then
click the minus button you can also edit the keyword shortcut or
by clicking on the shortcut on the right hand side and you click the minus button and go back to text edit in this case the keyword shortcut has gone this is a handy simple way of using your mac to create keyboard shortcuts your favorite app doesn’t have a keyword
short cut you can add one this way if you’re have enjoyed this video please subscribe to my video channel for more mac tips and tricks and videos in the future

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