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15 COCA-COLA HACKS That Really Work!

15 COCA-COLA HACKS That Really Work!

15 Coca-Cola Hacks That Really Work! 15. Meat Tenderizer- The fizzy soda is the perfect
sweet and tangy element for glazing ham. Not only does Coca-Cola intensify the flavor
of the baked meat but it gives it a caramelized finish. The carbonation in the drink aid in tenderizing
the meat by making it soft and allowing it to sit for long periods of time such as six
hours or even overnight. Coke is sometimes used in chicken and steak
marinades making it flavorful and reduces the cooking time. The drink is often mixed with a thickening
sauce such as ketchup or barbecue sauce to help lock in the taste of the meat both inside
and outside. 14. Vintage Looks- If you love arts and crafts,
then you’ll love this Coca-Cola hack! Put some coke in a spray bottle and spritz
a document or a photo of your choice to give it a vintage look! Make sure you spray lightly, so you don’t
ruin the paper. Or you can use a sponge dipped in soda and
gently dab around the document. This method also makes the paper sticky so
handle with care to avoid ripping. Afterward, leave it to dry for a few minutes
before framing or storing in an album! Don’t use any kind of soft drink that doesn’t
use caramel food coloring or else it won’t show up too well. 13. Stain Remover- Cleaning clothes with grease
or blood stains can be difficult to remove and might require several spins in the washing
machine. Plus, we all know how expensive stain removers
can cost, but Coca-Cola can actually be used as an alternative stain remover. Not only is it cheap but aside from clothing,
it can also remove fabric stains on carpet too. All you have to do is pour a can of the soft
drink into the laundry filled with water and solvent. Wash as you normally would through a regular
spin cycle. Once it is done, let the articles of clothing
dry! Don’t forget that coke itself if brown,
so discolorations on lighter fabrics or clothing might be better removed a different way. 12. Gum Remover- Gum is gross and sticky, and
it can be a nightmare to remove if it gets stuck in your hair. For some people, a quick fix is just to grab
a pair of scissors and snip it off. But there is no need to ruin your hairstyle! Even if the chewing gum is soft and is spread
all over your hair, Coca-Cola can help aid in removing the sticky residue. You need to have it cooled and then carefully
apply the soda on the section of hair covered by gum. It will then harden, once it is firm you will
be able to remove it. However be careful not to dose the fizzy soda
all over your head. The chemical ingredients are quite acidic
and can weaken the keratin in your hair. So just pour enough coke on your hair to soften
the gum, then be sure to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. 11. Rust Fighter- The carbonated drink is an excellent
remedy when it comes to removing unwanted rust stains on metal. Coca-Cola has a 2.8 ph level and it is pretty
acidic. So if your old truck or golf clubs are getting
a little rusty, save few dollars and just buy a liter of Coca Cola for under two bucks! All you have to do is wipe the product down
with a can of the fizzy soda and gently scrub with a sponge. Then when you’re done, rinse off with water
to wash away any sticky residue. You can use this simple technique on anything
from tools, pennies, keys and locks. 10. Jellyfish Sting Reliever- Contrary to popular
belief, you should never urinate on the affected area as this will make the problem worse. When a person is stung, a jellyfish releases
tiny spiny covered tubules which hook onto your skin discharging various chemicals into
your body. So washing it off with fresh water or urination
can change the toxicity level. To shut down those chemicals, you should soak
vinegar onto the area or Coca-Cola for at least thirty minutes. The acidity of the drink should neutralize
it. Remember to seek medical attention as soon
as possible even after treating the affected area to effectively treat jellyfish stings! 9. Toilet Cleaner- Scrubbing the toilet is the
last chore anyone wants to do. But you can actually use coke to clean your
toilet bowl. Not only will it make the job a simple task
but you won’t have to worry about those chemical fumes too. If you have limescale stains or a toilet rings,
this soft drink will do the trick get your toilet bowl clean! Due to the citric, phosphoric and carbonic
acids contained in the beverage, it can help break down the stains. These chemicals are a result from the carbonation;
not the flavorings so can also use diet soda as well. Just pour the Coke into the bowl, if you don’t
want to get your hands dirty, you can use a spray bottle. But let the drink sit, preferably an hour. For best results, you can leave it overnight. After some time has passed all you have to
do is flush it away! For persistent stains, you might have to use
a toilet brush for removal. 8. Corrosion Eliminator- Corrosion buildup on
a car’s battery terminal can create issues when trying to start the ignition. Fortunately, Coke can dissolve corrosion on
the terminal efficiently. When doing this, make sure to turn off your
car first! Then simply open up a can of the beverage
and carefully drench it over the terminal. Let it soak for several minutes. Then you can gently scrub the corrosion away
and rinse the terminals with warm water to clean off any stickiness from the soda. It might be best to use a cleaner or a brush
designed for cleaning the terminal. But it’s nice to know that a can of coke can
be a quick fix when you’re in a bind. 7. Windshield Bug Wiper- Driving through the
mountains can be a fun ride, but what isn’t fun is getting rid of the bugs that flew into
your windshield. Scrubbing away with soap and water takes time,
but luckily coke can do the job for you! Just gently pour a can of coke over your windshield
and let it sit a minute or until. Afterward, you can wipe off the area with
a wet washcloth. Remember not to let it sit for too long as
the acidity from the soda can damage your car’s paint job, but it is a handy trick
that is fast and efficient. So the next time you’re going on a long
road trip, then remember to pack a can of coke with you. 6. Pan Cleaner- Now you already know that Coca-Cola
is awesome at removing grease stains, but it’s also a great cleanser for removing
baked on stains on your pots and pans too! All you have to do is pour the carbonated
drink in a saucepan and let it heat up on the stove. Leave it on the burner for about half an hour
then remove it from the stove. Use a pad or scouring sponge to polish away
the tough grime. This procedure can also be used when you have
stuck on foods that are difficult to clean like rice or pasta. The same steps can also be implemented for
a baking pan, however instead of heating up the baking pan, heat the coke up in a pot
first. Then pour the hot drink into the pan. When you’re done scrubbing, clean with soap
and water. 5. DIY Hair Removal- A change in hair color can
be fashionable and fun, but if something goes wrong it can be a catastrophe. Fresh hair dye can take weeks if not months
to remove, but there are some ways to help speed the process. If your hair is dyed a dark color and you
want to lighten it up, you can use regular or diet Coca-Cola to help expedite the process. Rinsing your hair with the carbonated beverage
will fade the color quickly, but do not use this method every day as it the acidity can
damage the keratin in your hair. 4. Head Lice Home Remedy- Each year, dozens of
children everywhere get infected with head lice. The standard treatment is to purchase an insecticidal
shampoo at the store and to comb out the hair with a specialty comb. But depending on the severity of the situation,
there are home remedies that can help tackle the lice as well including the use of Coca-Cola
to get rid of nits and eggs. First, wash your hair and then saturate it
with an entire two liter of coke. Then wrap your hair in a shower cap and let
it dry overnight. Be cautious when using this method as the
acidity from the product can cause your scalp to burn. 3. Nausea Cure- Soda isn’t considered the best
medicine for an upset stomach, but it’s actually a quick and straightforward remedy
that can help settle the stomach after vomiting. Usually, flat cola or ginger ale is preferred. Although it contains a high sugar content,
Cola has been used as an anti-nausea cure long before the use of it in soda. Most people will have a glass of Cola followed
by medicine and other liquids with electrolytes. The use of soda alone shouldn’t be used
to treat nausea if it is severe. But it is an easy solution for a smooth fix. 2. De-skunk- Let’s face it, the smell of skunk
is disgusting and almost impossible to clean! Whether it’s on your skin or your clothes
the smell can be sickening. If your dog or cat got skunked, don’t fret
because Coca-Cola can fix it in a cinch! But by adding a can of the fizzy soda to a
tub of water along with some detergent can help break down the stench and makes the smell
less revolting. Cover your pet from head to toe with the drink
and wait several minutes before rinsing off. Afterward, you can also soak them in tomato
sauce as well before cleaning them in the shower. 1. Pesticoke?- Some farmers in India have used
the bubbly drink as a substitute for pesticides for pest dissolution. The Center for Science and Environment is
one of the leading voluntary organization in India claims that carbonated drinks like
Coca Cola contain high amounts of pesticide remnants, so growers have used it because
of cheaper costs compared to conventional pesticides. The drink has actually been tested by the
CSE and in 2003 evaluated samples from 12 soft drink industries discovered that all
of them consist of four toxic insecticides and pesticides, including DDT and lindane. However, the Coca-Cola company has criticized
the CSE’s data but if it works then hey, why not right?!

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  1. To clean your baking sheets or pans, use a mixture of peroxide and baking soda. Make a pate rub it on and leave overnight. It will scrub off easily the next morning. Truth.

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